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Tech Ed.



Google Classroom Codes

Woodworking  chsjr73
CAD  ogtp2aj
Residential Construction  jx5g6ue
Robotics Engineering  6ik5tec
8th Tech  7s52tzm
7th Tech  vmeaxnk

School Work

I will give two assignments every week till the end of school.  I will be putting everything on google classroom.  I have set up the class, but you have to join the class to see the work.  Just click on your class and type the class code in and you will see the assignments.  Woodworking class, I want everyone to finish the projects that you started, so when this is clear to start our normal lives again, I will let you know and I will open the shop up for a week to come here and work.

What a Semester

This will be a semester of school that will be talked about forever. First off, I hope everyone in your family is doing fine through these tough times.  I've always looked forward to when May gets here to get a break from teaching and then always ready for school to start back in August.  My plan is to retire when my son graduates HS in 2024.  Ending school in March this year tells me that I'm not ready for retirement.  I love teaching students and watching them learn something. To all my students, I really miss seeing you during the week and if you want to talk, I'm just an email away.